Chris Lyric - Kris Lyric

The model from the Fiat commercial can slap me, and be vehement with me any day.

No matter how dim it gets wherever i am


I never quit working. I work in the dark cause work is light. I tell my work all my problems because it never gives answers i have already. It never edits without me. Doesn’t call me names. I give my work away, because it doesn’t cost me much. In fact i’m indebted. I work hard since life is hard. Death is a soft place, it can wait. But work ain’t love. And love ain’t work. For sure.


& i thought i had nothing to do this weekend. 

This is crazy, but definitely going on my bucket list. Possibly the Golden Gate Bridge.

My current inspiration.

I kinda dig the chorus..


A lot on my mind. So much to say. I will touch the stars. One day…. One day.